Did Bruce Willis need the ca$h?

Bad Bruce Willis movies

When I log-in to Netflix, I’m greeted with a parade of horribly written, produced, acted, scored and filmed Bruce Willis flicks. I’m not talking Armageddon bad (it’s in the list)… that was a “blockbuster” film at the time. I’m talking “I made this crap cause they had $3,000 and I needed the money” bad!

I get that my taste in movies is what Netflix uses to show me more movies… but I’ve never particularly care for Bruce Willis. Other than Die Hard, Armageddon & Sixth Sense, I’ve never watched any of his movies.

So given that, did Bruce Willis pick-up a drug habit he needs to pay for? Did he get married and divorced again? What happened that he needs the money so badly that he was willing to make these D-level flicks? And why are they showing up so frequently on Netflix?

A simple man…

Netflix reviews

The ever-helpful reviews of Netflix movies.

While they’re certainly a step up from YouTube comments… it’s not by much. I generally don’t have high expectations for movies, but I need a little more than the “simple man” in the screenshot above.

Scary voicemail #2

Back in 2014, I shared a voicemail received on my phone that I found absolutely hilarious. The PERSON who left it was comical in his voice inflection, and the message was fairly specific in that I had committed tax fraud and could go to jail. At least the PERSON was polite.

I wish you a good luck, as the situation unfolds on you.

The other day I received another scary sounding voicemail, only this time the con-artists couldn’t even be bothered to have a real human record the voicemail, instead opting for the computer narration above instead.

Your silly government: Chapter 297


“…Did you know that when this president took office, it was illegal for the President to end a tweet with a question mark without a six month approval process from the economists across the street at the “Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.”


“This “corporate policy” is actually a law that makes your government act like this, and it’s nefariously named the “Paperwork Reduction Act.”

Those are just two snippets from The Law Everyone Should Hate.

This is the perfect example why Democrats & Republicans alike need to vote out every standing Congress man/woman in office and get new blood in there all at once—-so stupid laws like this get removed from the books quickly and quietly, and hopefully never get put on the books to begin with. Comical. Offensive. Stupid.