About me

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. Below is a brief summary of my qualifications. For more detailed information, you can request my resume and client list in PDF format using the contact form on this site.

I'm a quick conceptual thinker, and even faster at design and production. I'm organized, self-motivated and quite comfortable multi-tasking under tight deadlines. I'm also the guy you want on the team when you have issues with your computers... yeah, I'm a geek.

Professional Experience:

While I've been freelancing since 1989, I've also managed to work full time for some really great companies, including ad agencies, PR firms, print shops, a casino, and most recently a large landscape management company. The following are the most recent.


I'm not too big on tooting my own horn, but it's nice to be recognized.


Sometimes people want to know a bit more, so here you go.


For those with a little geek in them, here's what I use.

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