Ann Coulter hates soccer
I know I’m supposed to hate this incredibly stupid, out-of-touch, worthless piece of shit, cluster of humanity known as Ann Coulter. And I promise you that I absolutely do. With every fiber of my being. But…

After reading her utterly worthless screed about how stupidly, worthlessly, worthless and stupid the sport of soccer is, I found myself having a difficult time disagreeing with the basics of her argument. Almost every point she made is true. No, really. I’m being totally serious.

I guess we do hate soccer. But we’re American, so we love soccer when our team is winning. Or something like that.

In any case, nothing has changed. We still aren’t going to care about soccer, or Ann Coulter. Soccer is boring, and Ann Coulter is a stupid, worthlessly worthless, stupid piece of shit. Some things will never change.