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A simple man…

Netflix reviews

The ever-helpful reviews of Netflix movies.

While they’re certainly a step up from YouTube comments… it’s not by much. I generally don’t have high expectations for movies, but I need a little more than the “simple man” in the screenshot above.

Disney spends millions to help keep you from being a douchebag

At our most recent trip to Disney World in Orlando, our Disney welcome kit included the usual assortment of flyers, coupons, and brochures for all the things that help us have a great stay at “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Disney Selfie Stick Brochure

That welcome kit included an entire brochure, printed in 9 different languages, that simply asks you to not be a complete douchebag with your smartphone while you’re in Disney World. Actually, they’re not asking, they’ve banned the use of selfie-sticks in all their parks. Every single person who buys a ticket to Disneyland/Disney World gets this brochure.

I have of course heard of selfie-sticks, and how obnoxious they are, but I had never actually seen one in use. Unlike Disney World, Universal Studios does not ban them from their parks. And they were everywhere. And I must say that they are everything I read about and more. The people that use them are obnoxious, rude, and generally just look like they’re complete douchebags whos entire self-worth is based on their Facebook/Instagram friend count.

Imagine the millions upon millions of dollars Disney spends each year printing this brochure, just to help keep you from being a douchebag. Disney cares!

We know he had a good time…

When Kian falls asleep in mommy’s arms before dinner time, then again in the car back to the hotel, then most of the way home on the plane.