TV vs Netflix: TV just doesn’t get it

Just about a week ago, for instance, Time Warner hinted that it may start limiting the number of shows it makes available to Netflix altogether. It also hinted that it may increase the time it takes for a show to end up on Netflix after initially airing on TV.

Now, in yet another effort to quell the Netflix effect, Bloomberg recently reported that some TV networks are already cutting back on the number of aired commercials in an effort to keep viewers happy and off of their Netflix queue.


Do you see what they did there? They completely ignored the reason that every subscriber of Netflix subscribed to Netflix for, and instead chose to pull a bait-and-switch on viewers while using it as an excuse to up the fees for commercials to advertisers. It would be an awesome business move were it not so shockingly stupid.

Note to TV studios: We don’t care if you remove ALL the commercials. That’s not why people cut the cord. They cut the cord because they’re tired of paying outrageously high monthly fees to the cable companies for channels they don’t even want. And they’re tired of being forced to spend time manipulating DVR schedules to record the few shows they actually want to watch so that they can watch them WHEN they want to watch them.

To combat Netflix (and other sites & services like it), the studios and distribution companies are withholding content for longer periods of time before letting Netflix distribute it to their customers. In some cases, they simply won’t let Netflix have certain content at all.

That’s brilliant. Look how great that worked for the music recording industry. Does the word Napster mean anything to these idiots?

We know he had a good time…

When Kian falls asleep in mommy’s arms before dinner time, then again in the car back to the hotel, then most of the way home on the plane.




Playboy to drop nudity to survive

This is sad, if you ask me. No, not the loss of nudity. The fact that a few bare boobs can threaten the existence of Playboy as a whole.

If you never opened an issue of Playboy, you really have no idea what a great read it was. The no-holds-barred interviews were fantastic, as were the product reviews and political commentary. Yes, most guys actually read it for the articles!

Yeah, the boobs were nice, too. But with 10-15 photos in a 90+ page (back in the 90s) magazine, it was hardly the reason you spent the money for a monthly subscription.

America is so prudish, that it just can’t get past bare female breasts. If we’re in Europe, we’re probably not even having this discussion. I’m not suggesting we have porn sitting on every store shelf in America; but are we really so hung-up on it that we’re willing to allow a company the size Playboy once was to vanish (all the jobs going with it)?

Millions of dollars + 15 years = The same old foot-pain-inducing Lego bricks

Lego bricks

The toy company wants to find an alternative material for the 60 billion bricks it makes a year. But it’s not going to be easy. But it should be. Don’t you think?

Someone left a comment on the original article that sounded like a great idea. Collect all the plastic shit floating in the oceans and recycle it.

Anyway, it’s great that at least one company is spending the time and money to do a small part in improving the world.