The best iPad case for kids

Kian's iPad case
After about 3 years of use, my son’s iPad case is ready for replacement. I would sell the iPad before I would allow him to use it without a case, so the loss of “the big green monster” is distressing. The case I purchased with the iPad was a $15 or $20 impulse buy, but it has allowed Kian’s iPad to survive countless drops and bumps over the years. Not a scratch to the silicon case or the iPad. You can see the lime green case in the photo above. It’s quite bulky, particularly around the corners.

For the last several months though, Kian found a way to completely destroy the previously indestructible case. You see, Kian has started losing his baby teeth, so he’s decided to chew on the silicon case to soothe the aching pain. You can see what’s left of the case in the photo below. Swiss cheese, and barely staying on the iPad at this point.

Kian's iPad case
Thankfully, the name of the company was on the back of the case. I’m placing my order for the latest model M-Edge case pronto.

M-Edge SuperShellThe M-Edge SuperShell now sells for $35, quite an increase form when I bought it a few years ago. But quite frankly, it was well worth it. Kian dropped that iPad on tile flooring so many times I lost count. Each time it just bounced to rest without so much as a scuff. I can’t recommend this case enough. If your kid(s) have an iPad, or you’re just a klutz, this thing is a life-saver.

The monkey wins. Sort of.

Monkey SelfieEarlier this month I lost much sleep over the issue of who owns the copyright to the photo that a monkey took of herself. If you didn’t click the link, the story is that a photographer handed his camera to a bunch of monkeys until one of them ended up taking a selfie. When the photographer released the photo on the web, some sites refused to remove copies of it because they claimed the monkey owned the copyright, not the photographer. (more…)