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The monkey wins. Sort of.

Monkey SelfieEarlier this month I lost much sleep over the issue of who owns the copyright to the photo that a monkey took of herself. If you didn’t click the link, the story is that a photographer handed his camera to a bunch of monkeys until one of them ended up taking a selfie. When the photographer released the photo on the web, some sites refused to remove copies of it because they claimed the monkey owned the copyright, not the photographer. (more…)

Does the monkey own the copyright?

Monkey Selfie

I find this an interesting issue. A photographer hands the monkey a camera and the monkey takes a selfie. Three years later the photographer still can’t get the photos removed from websites because technically speaking, he doesn’t own the copyright to the photos. The monkey does.

Our legal system has gone batape-shit crazy. The entire article is an interesting look into our system of copyright ownership.