Bad Bruce Willis movies

When I log-in to Netflix, I’m greeted with a parade of horribly written, produced, acted, scored and filmed Bruce Willis flicks. I’m not talking Armageddon bad (it’s in the list)… that was a “blockbuster” film at the time. I’m talking “I made this crap cause they had $3,000 and I needed the money” bad!

I get that my taste in movies is what Netflix uses to show me more movies… but I’ve never particularly care for Bruce Willis. Other than Die Hard, Armageddon & Sixth Sense, I’ve never watched any of his movies.

So given that, did Bruce Willis pick-up a drug habit he needs to pay for? Did he get married and divorced again? What happened that he needs the money so badly that he was willing to make these D-level flicks? And why are they showing up so frequently on Netflix?